Welcome at Teningen Storkyard

Giebel der Tabakscheune
current view of the tabacco barn


Ursprung im 18ten Jahrhundert
capstone 1777

Our aim to maintain charme and the look of old building structures is our driving force.


After a construction time of meanwhile more than two years craftmen from the local area have recreated a charming ensemble from the original stables and barn buildings. This provides — even without being classified as cultural heritage — a contribution to the face of the community of Teningen at the neighbourhood of Zehntscheuer and Altes Spritzenhaus.


The restauration and safeguarding of the existing residential house will be blocked by 2021

Housing at storkyard

From the former courtyard of the Ehrler family both barns became converted to housing and common rooms for recreation.

We ourself have moved into the tabacco barn recently. At ground level we provide a small barrier-free flat suitable for handicapped people.

Celebration at storkyard

At the first weekend of September (2nd–5th Sept.) societies of Teningen are celebrating their Gassenfest (alley festival) at Bahlinger Strasse.

The read cross will move their stand from

Viktor-von-Scheffel-School to our storkyard. We are pleased to welcome all people of Teningen and guests at our premise.

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