Exclusive Habitation at Storkyard

We ourself live at the upper floor of the old tabacco barn and want to share our yard with his outstanding ambience with nice people.


Our yard is smoke-free zone inside buildings, the inner courtyard provides sufficent space at sheltered seats to indulge smoking.


At ground level of the tabacco barn is a small, fully equipped and furnished flat for two persons. We took care about needs of people with limitations of their mobility or wheelchair users. For an overview of available time resp. reservations, terms and expenses of accomodation you may look on the page Old Workshop.


Two more apartments are available at the hay barn. They provide more space, one for 4 people (2 bedrooms) and 6 people (3 bedrooms). Please have look at On the Hayloft and At the Storknest to find details.


All apartments are self-catering accomodations.